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Sweet Feet Podiatry is proud to offer state of the art gait analysis in the comfort of our office featuring the Hewlett Packard Fit Station.  Request an appointment for evaluation today.

More data points for more accurate analysis:  The RS Scan pressure plate offers 8,192 sensors that capture 500 data points per second.  As the scan is performed, the foot is broken down into 10 distinct areas.


Dynamic measurements:  The pressure plate measures when each area of the foot strikes the floor, how long it stays there, and how much pressure goes through one area compared to another.  The pressure plate also measures pronation, supination, and asymmetry within the feet.


Dynamic analysis:  Real time dynamic measurements can give insights into balance and indicate risk factors for injuries based on the patient’s gait, arch, and existing deformities.  Dynamic pressure mapping and gait analysis are used to create a one of a kind digital biomechanical profile.

Custom recommendations for each patient:  By capturing the dynamic motion of the foot, we are able to better understand an individual patient’s needs.  The patient's digital profile can be used to make recommendations for appropriate shoegear and orthotics that will help to optimize their activity.

If you are interested in more information on how gait analysis can improve your activity, call us at (719) 559-8240 or request an appointment today.

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