Athlete's Foot


Typically contracted in damp communal areas, such as public pools, locker rooms, or showers, athlete’s foot is a highly contagious, persistent ailment caused by fungal growth on the feet. The most commonly affected area is between the toes.

How Do I Know It’s Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot often first appears as an itchy red rash, sometimes with small blisters.  If left untreated, the skin may become highly sensitive to the touch. If allowed to progress, the condition can result in white, peeling skin.

It is important to treat athlete’s foot at the first sign of infection, as the body can become vulnerable to other bacterial infections when large cracks occur in the skin. The infection can also be transmitted to other parts of the body through bedding and clothes. Patients with serious cases of athlete’s foot may develop a rash that covers the sole of the foot. Known as “moccasin foot,” this manifestation of athlete’s foot creates extremely scaly, thick and rough skin on the bottom of the foot.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

There are a variety of oral and topical treatments for athlete's foot.  It is recommended to begin with a topical over-the-counter treatment combined with frequent sock changes.  If the skin doesn't clear within 2 - ­4 weeks, you should request an appointment for evaluation. Prescription­-strength treatments may be required to eradicate this pesky problem.

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