Foot and ankle injuries are a common occurrence, some of which can be serious and should never be ignored. Broken bones in the foot and ankle are not uncommon, and they must be treated by a professional. Early and correct treatment by a podiatrist can ensure proper healing and can prevent long-term foot or mobility problems.

Fractures often occur when running or jumping on an uneven surface. Pain is typically the immediate result directly following an accident, and is sometimes accompanied by a loud snap or pop along with swelling of the foot or ankle. It is strongly recommended to seek care from a podiatrist right away, as they can provide specialized treatment to ensure restoration and healing. Depending on the bone involved, casts, splints, surgery, and the use of crutches may all be involved in treatment and recovery.

One of the best ways to deal with foot or ankle injuries is to try to avoid them altogether. You can prevent or minimize foot and ankle injuries by:

  • Always wearing appropriate shoes for a given activity
  • Avoiding worn-out or uncomfortable shoes
  • Avoiding walking barefoot
  • Avoiding slippery floors

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